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climate and environment, geosciences, Earth system
ecology, environmental justice, urban development
human sciences and medicine
philosophy of science, science policies
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inter­- and transdisciplinary research
connections, mutual interrelations, feedback loops



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Greenland's lesser known glaciers, Foto: NASA

US climate scientists face an age of unreason
How top scientists protect the scientific endeavor and keep the public informed in an adverse political climate
The article originally appeared on 19 Jan 2017 in the German science magazine Spektrum – Die Woche.

About me

Silke Schilling

In 2005 I received an MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher-College in Dartington, a cosy village near the Transition Town Totnes in England’s Southwest. I’ve been working as a freelance creative ever since: as an artist as well as a writer, from 2015 as a science journalist.
Previously, I had been employed as a civil engineer in public transport planning and, on the side, explored ecologically sound and socially sustainable architecture and urban design.
I like writing constructive news and keep hoping that humanity can refrain from ruining the planet completely.


DFJV – German Technical Journalism Association
WPK – German Science Journalism Association
AAAS – American Association for the Advancement of Science

Holistic Science

water planet

… includes systems, complexity and chaos theory, Earth system science, Gaia theory/ hypothesis, philosophy and methodology of science, art as a way of inquiry, sustainable design and economics.
Holistic Science fosters a transformation of thinking and the introduction of ecology, sustainability and care into all areas of economics and politics, science and society.

What Goethe says

„Natural system: a contradictory expression.
Nature has no system; she has – she is – life and sequence from an unknown center toward an unknowable periphery. Thus observation of nature is limitless, whether we make distinctions among the least particles or pursue the whole by following the trail far and wide.“

Goethe, Scientific Studies